Tally looked at the gloomy old house as the cab pulled away, it certainly looked the part for a horror movie set, all grey stone and narrow windows with a heavy oak front door and strange carvings on the roof; it looked as though someone had hired Norman Bates as their architect. Tally was a bundle of nerves, in point of fact Teresa Sally McBride was a bundle of nerves, but when she reached Hollywood she had decided that Tally McBride was more of an actress name.
At 18 'Tally' had the grades but not the money for college, and besides she had been bitten by the acting bug in high school. She had taken a long hard look at herself in the mirror. Tally was five foot three, with long dark hair, big brown eyes and a body that had benefited from a lot of hard work on the school gymnastic squad, though boobs that had developed early and kept going until she had acquired the half teasing half envious nickname 'melons' had prevented her seriously challenging for honors. So with a great body and modicum of acting talent Tally had gathered up her savings, said a not so tearful goodbye to her stepmother, and caught the bus to Hollywood.

Life since she stepped off the bus three months earlier had been tough for Tally; one audition after another, commercials, walk-ons, anything that might get her a portfolio that would make an agent take her seriously, all to no avail. The only good thing was that she had made a few contacts among the other actresses doing the rounds and out of the blue one of them had called. There was a job available and since Tally's acquaintance already ahd a better paying gig but she wondered if Tally might be interested….
Tally had leapt on it like a starving dog on a steak, even when she found out the details of the part she grabbed it, a crummy part was still a part. So here she was knocking on the door of this rather creepy house.
        The creepy air dissipated when a man in a baseball cap and a Hawaiian shirt answered the door. "Oh hey you're the victim right?  Tally stared a little blankly, "Sorry your Tally McBride, the girl in the temple scene?"
Now Tally smiled, "Yeah I guess Iím your victim then."
"Great I'm Pat, the producer stroke cameraman on this movie. Come on in and watch out for cables.  Pat held the door open and let Tally pass, his eyes glued to motion of her pert bottom in the denim mini skirt she was wearing.
Tally was aware of the attention but focused hers on the hallway, it was a lot brighter and warmer than the rather foreboding exterior, though it was rather disfigured by the dozens of cables snaking their way down into cellar.
"So have you seen Cthulu Castle or Cthulu Castle II?  Pat asked as he guided her up the stairs.
Tally shook her head, "To be honest I tried to find them in the nearest Blockbuster, but they didn't have them."
Pat shrugged, "Hey don't worry about it you didn't miss much, pretty near zero budget."
Tally was looking at all the expensive decorations in the hallway, "How did you afford to hire this place?"
"Didn't,  Pat admitted, "it belongs to a pal of the director whose a film nut, thinks its great having a film crew tracking mud all over the carpets.  He stopped by a bedroom where a makeup table had been set up. "Ok you go in here, they'll get you ready and someone will show you down to the set, see you later."

There was a rack of costumes standing in front of the window, all rather gothic looking. A woman was sorting through them, tying brown paper tags to them with names scrawled on them. She gestured at Tally to take a seat and finished her job, "Sorry had to get that done before I forget who has to wear what. Now you are?"
"Tally McBride."
"Oh right, well then I know what you need.  The woman picked up a toweling robe from the bed and handed it to Tally, who chewed her lip for a moment, "Let me guess first time you've done a nude scene?"
Tally nodded, it had been the big drawback with the part but the paycheck and the empty condition of her fridge had overridden her concerns, plus it would make a change to get paid for guys ogling her.
The wardrobe lady did her best to be reassuring, "Well don't you worry about it, your going to look a lot less embarrassing than the poor slobs who have to wear those costumes, and you don't have to worry about getting a rash from cheap nylon.  Tally's smile was still a little nervous, but she began to get undressed

Walking carefully down the twisty cellar stairs feeling the cold stone against the soles of her bare feet, Tally tugged down the cloth robe; which was kind of dumb considering, but she couldn't help it. The cellar was as gothic as the exterior of the house, the walls had been set with wooden torches that were merrily burning away and in the center of the floor was a great round hole, like a well, at least four feet across. Propped against one wall was an inverted crucifix, and half a dozen people standing around in hooded black robes, rather spoiling the effect by drinking from polystyrene cups of coffee. Despite that and the presence of all the paraphernalia of a film set the cellar still managed to generate a spooky atmosphere.
A fifty something man wearing a t-shirt with 'Cthulu Castle: The Return' walked over to Tally, "Hello there, I'm Rob the director, and you would be Becky's friend Tally right?"
Tally just nodded, wasnít warm in the cellar and she was getting goose bumps. Rob noticed the little shiver that ran through Tally, "I know your nervous about doing this, I don't blame you, your first part and you have to take your clothes off. Can I just say that I admire you."?
Tally gave Rob a rather unconvinced look, "No really, you have guts and you're a realist. Lot of girls come out here expect the world to fall at their feet, they just aren't prepared to do the grunt work you need to do to work themselves up the ladder. Look at this way, one day you'll be rich and famous enough to buy up every copy of this movie and burn it."
Tally couldn't help laughing at that and Rob patted her on the shoulder, "Ok you ready to do this?"
Tally took a deep breath, "As ready as I'll ever be."
"Ok let's try and make this as quick and painless as possible.  He shouted to the hands, "Get the cross down, everyone else get to your places please."

The crew laid the crucifix on the floor and Tally walked round the well, it looked deep. Rob noticed her gaze, "Pretty good huh, two by four beams, plywood plaster and paint, best five hundred bucks we've spent,  he commented.
Tally was standing by the crucifix, with the hands looking at her expectantly, her stomach was doing flip-flops, but she knew if she backed out she would probably never get another job. Picturing a pile of burning videos Tally took off the robe; revealing her big tanned boobs, hard body and bikini trimmed bush. The crewmembers smiled but no one pounced on her, so Tally lay down on the crucifix and held still while they secured her. Padded straps secured her wrists to the cross beam, another went across her waist, and a final one wrapped around her ankles. With Tally fixed securely they manhandled the crucifix upright, still inverted and with tally head down, her dark hair streaming out beneath her.
"You look great Tally, love the hair.  Rob said reassuringly, uncomfortable as it was Tally actually felt relieved when they placed the crucifix in the bracket on the floor and secured it, she was in a pretty awkward position for anyone to well, do anything.
Rob crouched in front of Tally, "You still ok to do this?"
She tried to smile back, "Yeah can we just do it before all the blood rushes to my head."
"No problem.  Rob walked towards the cameras and suddenly the lights went out.
"Oh what the hell.  There were more muttered curses, Tally couldn't make out much, the light of the torches wasnít great, and her eyes needed time to adjust.
Robís voice boomed out. "Tally we've got a blown fuse, we canít take you down in the dark, so just stay calm, weíll get the lights back in a minute."
"I'll try, but I'm not making any promises,  she called out.
There were bumping and scraping noises, of metal objects being moved across stone, which prompted a thought in Tally, when she had walked across the floor, it had felt the same as the stairs, cold stone, not painted plywood, a sudden sense of foreboding was twisting her stomach on knots. "Hey guys, could you hurry up?  She called out plaintively.
Suddenly two more torches flared into life in front of her, revealing the robed extras standing in a semicircle on the other side of the well, and in the middle of them, wearing an elaborately embroidered version of the same garment and a large red book in his hands, was Rob. Without his glasses the flickering torchlight gave him a sinister aspect.
"If you want to see me do scared your going the right way about it.  Tally tried to make her tone light, but in the silence of the cellar it sounded hollow.
Rob smiled but didn't answer her; instead he began to read from the book, "Kan, Tet, Ras, Ma. Vorena, Tas, Kle!  He began to repeat it and the robed figure to either side of him joined in, on the third time the figures next to them joined in, and on the fourth round all seven were voicing the incomprehensible syllables.

Tally writhed, cursed and begged, but the figures simply carried on chanting, repeating the same phrase until the walls of the cellar seemed to reverberate with it, and then just when Tally was convinced she couldnít be any more scared a dull red glow began to shine in the well, and she saw something writhing in the glow. Long thick twisting tendrils; tendrils that began to rise out of the depths. It was almost like watching a time-lapse film of a shoot sprouting out of the ground. A thick, dark, glistening shoot that stretched up and then began to twine itself around Tally's left arm; it was warm and slick and she thought she could feel a faint throbbing in it.
"Get it off me! Get it off me!  Tally screamed but instead more vines appeared. The largest twined itself around her torso, sliding between her body and the cross; passing under her breasts and wrapping three times around her, halting just above Tally's hips. The remaining two each took one of her legs, spiraling around from thigh to ankle. With her body tightly wrapped the tentacles began to pulse, stretching and contracting, rubbing wetly over Tally's taut skin. She writhed in their grasp but between the tendrils and the leather straps she was helpless in their grasp.
New tentacles emerged; thinner than the others their dimensions were more like hosepipes. Two reached out and coiled themselves around Tally's globular boobs, which jutted out from her body as she hung upside down. As the tendrils twisted towards the nipples the ends opened to reveal round openings like tiny mouths. These swiftly clamped down onto her nipples locking firmly over the hardening tips. Tally felt rather than saw what the third one did. It began to nose into her pussy, its open end searching for something, and finding it as it engulfed the bud of her clit. All three 'mouths' began to hungrily suck on the girl's delicate flesh, while the tentacles squeezed her breasts, and rubbed over the sensitive skin of her belly and thighs. She didn't even see a finger thick tentacle emerge from the well and wrap round behind the wooden upright, didnít know it was there until it pressed its oily tip against her anus and pushed its way in. It was too thin to hurt; it simply twitched and twisted, adding it's stimulating touch to the rest.
"Uh, uh, uh. Oh god, oh god! Uh! Uh! Uhh! Please, stop; stop! Oh, oh, Ohhhh!  Tally was losing control, unable to respond coherently, the tentacles were bringing her to a level of stimulation where concentration was almost impossible and seemed intent on holding her there while her will to fight bled away. Tally fought hard, but eventually her strength was gone, she surrendered to pleasure, past caring about the source.
"Oh yes! Ohh yes! Ohhh yes! Oh please, please. Uhh, uhh, Uhhh!  The unrestrained passion that filled Tally's eyes didn't escape the attention of the robed figures, and now they took up a new chant.
"Vorena, Kla, Neg!  The language meant nothing to anyone who was not an initiate, but the tone was unmistakable, it was an urgent demand.
The tentacle that rose from the depths was as thick as a forearm, and the tip was unmistakably phallic, Tally saw it but was too far gone for fear, she squealed and panted as she watched it rise and rise until it had reached her feet, before the end turned down and moved towards the wet swollen lips of her vagina. It pushed into the helpless, writhing girl, driving deeper with a series of jerking spasms. This carried Tally over the edge, she screamed out her orgasm, again and again she cried out. Having had it postponed so long it seemed to go on forever. When it finally it did end it was only a brief respite, the sucking rubbing tentacles on the outside, and the squirming driving flesh inside her sent her spiraling back up to an orgasmic peak in a couple of minutes. After the fourth or fifth time the phallus reached the entrance to her womb, as it touched the cervix Tally's muscles seemed to contract of their own accord, opening the way for the head to poke through. It stopped there, just inside the very core of Tally's being. As it waited there a faint glow illuminated the tip. Tally felt an electric tingling in her belly, her body responded to this unearthly stimulus, three eggs flowed down the fallopian tubes and entered the girl's now receptive womb.
A ripple ran through the phallic tentacle pressing the flesh harder against the walls of her vagina, prompting low animal moans, which turned to screams as dark thick cum erupted from the phallus. Tally jerked and writhed as one last orgasm struck her. The eggs in her womb were flooded with sperm, the first jet fertilized them, but the cum kept on pumping, providing a rich nutrient for the developing young, stretching the girls womb relentlessly. As the tentacle withdrew from Tally's now thoroughly impregnated body the others wrapped around her arms and legs reached out for the straps that held her to the crucifix. The tentacles made short work of the bonds, and Tally's exhausted body slumped into their grip. The tentacles began to slither back down into the well, carrying Tally with them. As they disappeared into the depths and the red glow faded there was a final despairing scream as Tally came back to her senses; which was abruptly cut off as the well became dark again.

Rob closed the book and laid it on the floor, the other acolytes lowered their hoods and looked at each other nervously while the director walked to the edge of the pit. There was a momentary flicker of ruby light and something flew up out of the pit. Rob snatched it out of the air. He turned to the others, with the reel of film held aloft.
"That's a wrap everyone! 


'Spotlight 2: Pop Star'
'Walls Have...'
'Winning Streak'