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Blackstar's Orbit

I'll pass you over to Reohoko to report on this one. She gets sooo close to the authors!

Reo's Review

Welcome! I see you have come to visit Blackstar, and a very good choice you have made today. This site is filled with wonders – stories and erotic 3D images as well. There are also sexy wallpapers of the beauties from the stories, and sexy pics to go with the literature. With over 200 stories and erotic images, are you surprised to hear that I am trembling, here, place your hand here…mmm. The stories are sexual adventures in lesbian sex, demon sex, solo sex/masturbation, mind control, sex slaves, and even adventures with fanfare… Charmed, Star Trek, Buffy and Angel. Ohhh, wow, just thinking about all these sexy tales, I have read everyone, makes my nipples so hard! Here, let me tell you more…

You know, these stories are filled with all sorts of amazing and erotic categories, mmmm. Absolutely delicious tales of lesbian encounters – “The blonde landed between Geraldine’s legs and soon the tip of her tongue was tracing along Geraldine’s inner thighs…” Tales of fantasy erotica – “The serpent slithered across her naked body, its scales rippling across her nipples as it writhed across her chest until…” Tentacle sex, with adventures in showers too – “Suddenly half a dozen tentacles stretched out from the mass and encircled the slender form of the girl, spinning her round…” Alien sex and explorations – “She shrieked as the metal shapes trailed down her spine, beginning to hum and vibrate as they slithered over the small of her back and across her butt checks…” Is that all- Well of course not, just feel the nice warm and wet places, or sit right here while I get us some more to play with.

Beast bound for millenniums, and undead lurk within these pages… be it a blonde, redhead, or brunette, they will not escape the erotic needs of hungry men, women, creatures. It is not enough that they shall not escape, but many more are giving themselves willingly – “pressure for a release of pleasure that she knew on an instinctive level would let the beast consume her and still she could do nothing to force it down…” Intriguing sexual adventures in fanfare – “The demon flipped open the split of the skirt and ran his powerful hand along Phoebe’s thigh…” Maybe you prefer the tales of Buffy – “The hands moved to her back, talons moving along her spine and over the dimples at the base of her back before tracing the outline…” Mmmm, very yummy, just one more – “Jess couldn’t hold back, her tongue flicked out and licked the juices from her own fingers…”

I am so warm, everything is tingly, but I still have a few more things to share. Blackstar has horror erotica, sci fi erotica, fantasy erotica, and lesbian erotica. There are many, many stories in this site. Even updates, and writer updates can even be based on special requests. Blackstar has amazing tales here and in 3D erotica. While categories can be updated often, currently Blackstar has stories including folders for Journeys, Solo, T.V., and Orbital Imagery – the stories include all the above and even more… Read more from Blackstar.

So is this the site for you? Well here's a brief, all right one question, quiz to help you decide:

You're watching TV and a monstrous creature is creeping up on an attractive and unaware female; what happens next?

  1. The woman turns round and beats the creature to a pulp
  2. The monster stabs her with a knife / hook/ farm implement
  3. The hero appears and rescues her just in the nick of time
  4. The creature grabs her, rips all her clothes off, and then...

Now if you answered 1), well I like Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. If you hurry there's probably a rerun on right now (though you might just want to check out the samples first. If you answered 2), hey there's a Blockbuster down the street that probably has all the Jason/ Freddy movies and there will probably be another along in 5 minutes. If you answered 3) then I guess you're more of an Angel fan. It's probably on right after that Buffy episode.

If you answered 4) then welcome to a place where the girl isn't going to escape at the last minute, the heroes are on permanent coffee break and the monsters are looking for a good woman, or even a bad one. You'll find a selection of stories inside, some based on TV shows and movies, some all my own work. Some will be short and to the point, others will be multi-part sagas with updates every two weeks. So check out the samples and if you like what you see, come inside, and then...


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