Klowning Around

Bree was a woman who valued organization, and when faced with disorganization she was apt to wear a disapproving scowl. It was therefore perhaps a less than wonderful idea to put her in charge of a children's party regardless of her organizational talents. She was much more a dinner party sort of person, a tall elegant redhead with an attractive but distinctly patrician face, a woman who would have made a wonderful dominatrix if she hadn't also been the sort to slap you for suggesting she would look good in leather. Right now she was trying to prevent any of her little charges from killing each other or irreparably staining the furniture, not to mention wondering where the entertainment had gotten to.

        Coco the clown was having a rotten day. He was on his way to his third children’s party in six hours and his car had stalled out on a stretch of road with no one else in sight. The only thing he had seen was something like a shooting star pass overhead just before the car gave out. He kept watching the road but he wasn’t optimistic, even if someone did come along what were the chances they would stop for someone in full clown makeup?
        He was facing the prospect of a long and potentially humiliating walk to the nearest gas station when he spotted a group of people emerge from the woods beside the road, at least he thought he did because what he was seeing wasn't especially likely; four more clowns clomping towards him. Their make up was excellent if a little scary somehow, still that wasn't Coco's problem, "Hey guys, lend a colleague a hand."
        The quartet smiled, again in an unsettling manner, as they drew up beside Coco, one of them pulled out what looked like a toy ray gun. Coco gave it worried look, "That better not be a water pistol; I don't have time to redo the face."
        Unfortunately for Coco it wasn't a water pistol but at least he wouldn’t have to worry about being late, or anything else for that matter as blue light engulfed him and he simply vaporized.

        The chime of the doorbell drew Bree away from the horde of rampaging children with a sense of relief, which grew deeper as she opened the door to find a green haired, white-faced clown standing on her doorstep. The bright red diamonds painted around the clowns eyes had an odd, somehow disturbing look, and the smile drawn around the mouth made the face into more of a leer than a smile but Bree wasn't inclined to worry about that right now, "Where have you been? You were supposed to be here half an hour ago."
        The clown shrugged and stretched out a hand, in which a plastic daisy appeared out of thin air.
        Bree didn't know how to respond to that so she just took the flower and stepped out of the way, "All right I suppose you'd better come in and set up."
        The clown nodded and picked up a shabby looking suitcase covered in stickers, doubtless a prop Bree concluded as he walked into the house and faced the ravening horde of sticky, shrieking, children.

        Whatever her reservations the clown impressed Bree with his ability to keep the children silent. He seemed to have an amazing repertoire of tricks and balloon animals that kept the partygoers entertained for a good hour until the party wound down and parents appeared to take away their offspring.
        Bree looked around at the disaster area that the party had left in its wake and took a deep breath as she surveyed the wreckage of balloons and paper plates; she just hoped there weren't any permanent stains. She was still steeling herself to begin the clearing up when she felt a tap on her shoulder and spun round to find the clown still standing there. As far as she was aware the entertainer had been paid in advance via his agency, "I'm sorry is there a problem?"
        The clown responded by stretching out the left lapel of his jacket, which had a large plastic flower pinned to it.
        It didn't require a genius to guess where that was going and Bree turned frosty, "Look I really don't have time for childish tricks, and you really should..."
        That was as far as Bree got because at that moment the clown pressed the bulb attached to the flower. Instead of water a puff of vapor caught Bree in the face and she inhaled a good lungful of the stuff. Instead of choking or retching Bree simply came to a stop.
        She wasn't unconscious or unaware of what was going on around her; Bree just couldn't recall what she had been about to say or do, or indeed think of anything to do next. Instead she just stood there waiting for someone else to tell her what to do.
        The clown raised his right hand and wiggled his finger in a 'follow me' gesture that Bree was only too happy to obey. She trailed along behind him as he made for the stairs and clomped up to the first floor.
        Opening doors the clown located the master bedroom and stepped inside. It could have been a photograph from 'Good Housekeeping' magazine, tasteful decor, just the right number of photographs and nick-knacks, a perfectly made bed, and a full length mirror with a mahogany surround set in one corner.
        With a sweeping gesture the clown beckoned Bree over to the mirror and positioned her standing in front of it. Bree was clad in a snug fitting yellow cardigan and a knee length black skirt as well as sensible shoes. Her copper coloured hair was pinned up in a manner that revealed the pale contours of her neck and shoulders.
        The clown looked at her for a moment before opening his jacket and pulling out a doll sized clothes hanger with some sort of Barbie outfit on it, at least it was doll sized until the clown spun the hanger in his fingers and it swiftly expanded to full size, Bree's size.
        The outfit now revealed itself as a French maid costume, a very, very, skimpy French maid outfit. It was little more than a tiny black pleated skirt attached to a white pinny and accompanied by a pair of stockings, a suspender belt and a little white maids cap. It was the sort of thing Bree would normally have thrown a fit at the sight of but now she just watched as the clown hung it beside the mirror.
        After letting her stare at it for a few moments the clown placed a huge white hand on her ass and squeezed. Bree took the hint and began to undress. She was happily oblivious to being watched as she stripped in broad daylight; removing her cardigan before sliding her rather utilitarian white bra over her round, pale breasts with their little pink nipples before casting it aside in an uncharacteristically casual manner.
        Her skirt and matching pair of panties were also quickly wiggled down to the floor and Bree stood looking at herself in the mirror, letting her gaze travel over her long legs, neatly trimmed pussy and still taut body; taking the first unembarrassed pleasure in her body she had in, well, ever.

        The Klown watched the show with a grin that would have given any of the small children he had been entertaining earlier screaming nightmares. Originally he had been going to use the convenient cover provided by that feeble imposter on the roadside to simple scoop up some fresh supplies, the thought of doing so in broad daylight had simply been irresistible, at least until he got a look at the high toned red head who was running the thing.
        It had been a shame to let the kids go, they would have made great party snacks, but as he stared at Bree's round little ass he decided it had been the right decision, there was always more food but a good lay... The alien monster pulled a bulb horn from its pocket and honked it; Bree got the message and reached for the hanger.
        The skirt was so short that it showed off the stocking tops and the frilly white front didn't do much to hide her breasts. Before she put on the little white cap Bree pinned up her hair. She regarded her very slutty image in the mirror, posing with her hands behind her back and one knee angled forward to look as coquettish as possible. The effect was very sexy but Bree felt there was something missing.
        As he inspected her look the Klown came to the same opinion. He spotted Bree's rather utilitarian flat black shoes lying abandoned with the rest of her clothes. Scooping them up he polished them against his garish yellow and red spotted jacket sleeve, rendering them glossy and shiny. Turning them over he rubbed the thumb and fingers of his right hand together until they glowed faintly before grabbing the flat heels and pulling them out like taffy until they formed four inch high spiked points. Bree took the shoes from the Klown and put them on, now the outfit was perfect.
        With her attire taken care of there was one final detail the Klown wanted to take care of. Putting his hands on Bree's shoulders he spun her around and pushed her onto the bed. She landed on her back with her legs splayed open, expecting the Klown to pounce on her instantly. Instead he fished in a pocket and produced a pair of windup chattering teeth, which he set running and tossed on to the bed; right between Bree's thighs.
        The toy lurched across the bedcover until it reached the neatly trimmed copper coloured fur covering her pussy, the clattering teeth closed over the hair and neatly snipped off a lock of it. The teeth buzzed their way all over Bree's triangle, denuding it with inhuman precision while the vibration sent a warm tingling spreading through her loins. With all the hair removed and her sex exposed the teeth rattled their way towards her now engorged clit, nibbling on it with a gentler pressure that nonetheless had Bree panting and sighing contentedly in moments; building steadily until the clockwork mechanism ran down.
        Before she could gather her breath the Klown pulled Bree off the bed and pushed her onto her knees in front of him. Bree didn't need to be told what the Klown wanted, she reached out and undid his baggy pants; exposing a small, white, rubbery protrusion.
        Even in her deluded state Bree couldn't help being a little disappointed but she began to suck anyway, and was instantly rewarded as it began to expand, almost like a balloon being blown up; exactly like a balloon in fact. It grew steadily into a long white sausage, as big as one of the balloons the Klown had used to make animals for the children at the party earlier. Bree ran her tongue and lips over it as best she could, even wrapping her hands around it to. stroke along its incredible length. She felt the cool, smooth surface.
        The erection gently curved upwards as it grew, and Bree wondered if it was going to explode an over inflated balloon when the Klown grabbed Bree and turned her to face the bed pushing her face down while she was still on her knees, making her butt stick out in a thoroughly inviting manner.
        The Klown slapped her rear and Bree wiggled it, until the great curving erection pushed through her soaking wet pussy lips. Bree yowled like a wild cat as it pushed forward, and kept howling as it went deeper than her husband ever had, deeper than any man had ever been, then deeper than any mortal man could go. Finally she felt it pressing insistently against her cervix, before pushing through and tickling the inside of her womb.
        For a moment the Klown just savoured the sensation, and the mixture of astonishment and arousal on Bree's face as she looked back over her shoulder and saw just how far he had penetrated her. To the Klown it looked as if she didn't quite believe just how much she had taken. He pulled back slowly and thrust forward hard, Bree threw her head back and howled, now she knew.
        The Klown pistoned his hips back and forth, watching how Bree's hips bucked with each thrust, enjoying the way her tunnel felt pressing so tightly against his monster 'balloon', and grinning nastily as she groaned, squealed and indulged in the kind of language she would normally have regarded as, 'just unnecessary', and would have amazed her friends and neighbours; assuming they could get over the sight of her bent over her bed in a French maid outfit while a Klown fucked her, "Screw me, oh fuck me like that all night, put your dick in as far as you cannnn!!!"

        It was clear to the Klown that Bree hadn't had her pipes cleaned properly in a long time and she had a lot of energy to work off but even so he wanted to push her harder. From yet another coat pocket he produced a balloon and began to blow it up. As it expanded it began to spiral round, forming a two foot long, bright pink, corkscrew shape. Lowering the end towards Bree's hips he pressed the tip against her anus and began to twist.
        Bree had consented to anal sex exactly once. She had been nineteen, a little drunk, and thought her boyfriend meant it when he said he would love her forever. Truthfully it had been strange but exciting; however her boyfriend’s insistence on calling her a 'dirty bitch' put her right off. Now though, "Oh yeah make me your dirty bitch, put it right up my ass!"
        The Klown obliged, twisting the now rigid balloon in and out of her butt as he thrust in and out her pussy faster and faster, until Bree orgasmed with a shriek that shook the mirror.

        As the Klown tidied himself up Bree simply remained where she was, too exhausted to move under her own steam. Finally the clown pulled her to her feet and made her stand still and produced a marker pen. He drew the outline of a button and wrote 'press' on it. Putting the pen away he did exactly that with one pudgy white finger and Bree began to deflate.
        As she crumpled on the floor the Klown carefully folded up her limbs and made sure her face was looking upwards when he made the final fold. When he picked her collapsed form up Bree saw a large box lying on the bed with a lid next to it, a lid covered with a garish logo and bright lettering; 'Blowup Bree: The Frolicking French Maid ' It was the last thing she saw before the lid closed over her and consciousness faded out.