Jessica kicked stones off the dirt track as she walked through the woods, scuffing her sneakers doing so, and not remotely caring. The only weekend her parents had gone away and entrusted the house to their 19-year-old daughter and what happened? Her Boyfriend caught the flu and her two best friends were on a trip to Florida, so she was going to be spending the entire weekend on her own. She brushed her long blonde hair away from her blue eyes and let out a snort, her parents clearly had some kind of psychic ability for preventing her having any fun.
Deciding she had enjoyed as much communing with nature as she could stand Jessica turned back to the house; it was turning cold enough that she could feel the chill in the breeze even through her black sweater; enough that her nipples were practically poking through the wool; clearly visible, if there had been anyone in the vicinity to look.
Contemplating her isolation and what she might do about it Jessica took a little while to become aware that there were footfalls parelling hers but concealed by the forest. She was just building up to a good panic when a dark shape exploded from the trees.
AAAIIIEEEEE!!!  Jessica screamed, and stood frozen with shock, until she burst into laughter. Standing before was a huge black dog with the dopiest look you could imagine plastered on its face. The dogs tongue was lolling and it panted heavily, the only reason it didn't wag its tail because it didn't have one. Jessica couldn't figure out the breed, it had the short glossy coat of a Doberman, but it was too muscular besides being all black. Its head was too long and vulpine for a Rottweiler, or even for a German shepherd. Jessica walked over to the animal, which simply stood there, and crouched down in front of it. It immediately started to try and lick her face;
Jessica fended it off, "Cut that out, I'm trying to find out who you belong to.  There was a collar round its neck with a tag hanging from it but all it bore was some kind of symbol, maybe the emblem of a kennel, or a security firm? There were no other markings that would give her a clue. Jessica chewed her bottom lip; the nearest other house was a good mile and a half away, which meant knocking on doors would be a major hike. That left going home and making some phone calls but she didn't know if she could just walk off and leave the dog behind. As it was the animal decided for her, as soon as she set off down the trail it fell in step besides her.

Her parents probably wouldn't approve of her bringing the dog into the house but the fact was Jessica had been a little nervous of spending the night alone here and her canine companion's size gave her a sense of reassurance. Besides it seemed pretty well trained and quite placid so Jessica was sure it wouldn't make a mess. She wasn't quite so sure what to feed it, however when she pulled a pack of steak from the fridge the animal barked loudly, "well why not, you're the guest,  she opened the packet and put one of the steaks in a bowl on the kitchen floor, with a bowl of water next to it, "Well if you don't mind I’m going to grab a shower before I eat.  As she turned and walked away Jessica didn't see the dog abandon its food and watch her intently, with an expression on its face that was far from playful.
When she had finished Jessica didn't bother getting dressed again, she just slipped on a short black silk robe, the one she had originally picked out to wow her boyfriend, and tied the sash around her waist. By the time she had zapped something Chinese in the micro wave and settled on the sofa with a diet coke and a cheesy cable movie on the TV it was full dark outside, as dark as only night in the woods could be.
She had just finished off the last of the noodles when the dog padded in and sat on its haunches in front of her, "What’s the matter boy, did you think I had forgotten you?  she leant forward and began to scratch the animal's head; the dog’s eyes caught the lights of the room, reflecting back a green glow.
Jessica continued to pet the dog and talk to it for a few minutes. Slowly though she fell silent and her hands fell away. Jessica simply sat there, her head inches from the dogs, staring unblinkingly into its eyes. After a couple of minutes the dog turned and padded over to the rug set in the middle of the lounge. Jessica got up and followed, standing a couple of feet way from the beast. Looking straight at it she undid the sash and opened the front of her robe. Jessica let her fingers trace the outline of her body; sliding over her pert breasts and down over her tanned belly to her totally denuded pussy. She slowly turned around and let the robe slip to the floor to reveal the curves of her ass and hips and the taper of her long legs as she stood naked before the creature. The dog simply stood watched until Jessica completed her pirouette before it gave a single bark; Jessica nodded and sank onto all fours right in front of the dog.
Now Jessica was eye to eye once more with the dog but not for long; it rose up in front of her and planted its paws on her shoulders, its weight firmly pinning the naked girl in place. Now Jessica was faced with the still sheathed penis of the beast, close enough that she could smell the powerful musk rising from it. Far from being repelled by the smell Jessica found it intoxicating and without a hint of resistance or distaste she took the member into her mouth and began to suck and slurp on it. Jessica had reluctantly given her boyfriend head before but this time she used every trick her girlfriends had ever described.  Her head bobbed up and down the shaft, she drooled onto the tip and worked her spit along its length with her tongue; Jessica even sucked and kissed the beasts balls.
All this attention had a dramatic effect; the cock grew tremendously, sliding out if its sheath to reveal dark purple flesh with throbbing veins, its diameter almost matched one of Jessica's wrists but it was so long it looked positively slender. Jessica could barely fit it into her mouth now, but she still tried, basting it with her tongue and cramming it so far into her mouth she almost choked.

She was taken by surprise as the beast slipped away from, until she realized its intention. As it walked around to Jessica’s rear she lowered her face towards the carpet, raising her ass into the air and pulling the cheeks apart. The beast stuck its long snout between her thighs and its tongue lashed out and rasped over pussy lips, eliciting moans and shivers from Jessica. The dogs rough tongue working over her near naked opening soon had her pussy lips opening and her hips bucking with each wet slurp.
The animal could smell the girl’s juices beginning to flow, and they quickly became a torrent, seeing that she was ready the dog leapt up onto Jessica’s back and thrust its phallus at her swollen, glistening hole, "Ooohhhhhhh!!! 
Jessica's mouth formed an ‘O  as she felt the heat of the cock pushing past her pussy lips and sinking into her vagina. It slid forward with irresistible force, slipping through her hymen as though it wasn't there. Jessica barely even registered the pain of her deflowerment. Some small corner of Jessica’s mind tried to protest; she had preserved her virginity so carefully for the right moment and she had just wantonly surrendered it to a dog, she had to stop, she had to get up! The little voice was totally drowned however as the dogs cock bottomed out inside Jessica, almost brushing the tip of her cervix and began to thrust; hard, deep, and fast. Jessica's moans turned to animal howling, her body shuddering backwards and forwards with each thrust.
Jessica's excitement built to undreamt of levels, and then she felt something more forcing its way into her vagina, something like a ball making its way up the animals long cock. In contrast to the rapid pistoning of the cock the lump moved with stately slowness, stretching her tunnel walls, driving her towards a huge orgasm. Finally the lump reached the tip of the cock and erupted, Jessica felt almost boiling liquid fountaining inside her and spasmed in an orgasm that seemed to go on forever. The beast kept thrusting, it's action driving the sperm deeper, forcing it through the cervix and into the young woman's ripe womb.

When the animal finally finished Jessica remained in position, panting for breath, and covered in a sheen of sweat. She could feel the hot seed inside her so deep and knew there was no way it was going to leak back out, which actually rather pleased her, it would be a shame to waste it. Jessica felt the dog's still hard cock begin to pull back, and she felt sad it was over, but instead of withdrawing the animal thrust forward again, and Jessica screamed in ecstasy until her throat was raw as it built up to an even more driving pace than the last time.
The beast managed two encores, and Jessica lost count of her orgasms, simply succumbing to an overwhelming tide of pleasure. When the cock finally withdrew from her Jessica decided that it was only because her womb was packed solid with cum. If sheer quantity counted then Jessica was sure she was pregnant. She giggled; deflowered and impregnated on the same night, her parents would be furious. That didn't really bother her anymore, instead she felt warm and relaxed. She stroked a hand over her belly, come on boys get up there and make some puppies, it'll make my master so happy. It was the first time the word had crossed her mind and Jessica rolled it around in her mind  it seemed entirely natural.  As her master stood in front of her once more Jessica pulled herself into a sitting position, and reaching forward Jessica undid the clasp that held the animal's collar in place. She slid it round her own neck and fastened it, it fitted well and was the perfect symbol of their exchange of status.

The master walked towards the front door and, still completely naked, Jessica got up and followed. The animal led her into woods; the girl could see very little but the master guided her, eventually leading to a clearing. All Jessica could see at first was some kind of mound but then brilliant blue lights came on, revealing a silver hemisphere floating just above the ground. An opening appeared in the UFO and Jessica stepped forward, the master at her side. Inside the craft was a brilliant white space with control panels on the wall, Jessica saw, but did not care, that men were operating the controls. The men seemed equally uninterested in the naked blond girl walking into their craft; they were conditioned to notice nothing but the task at hand. Jessica walked into a chamber at the far end of the disk, inside of which were a number of glass tubes, a few of which already held girls of several different races. A tube opened and Jessica looked at her new master for a moment, then stepped inside and lay back against the thickly lined back. It closed and cold gas flowed down over her, quickly sending her to sleep. The dreams she had would be the only place she would ever see Earth again.

Xracl watched the stasis gas do its work and then clear. He was pleased with his night’s work, whatever the others might say his new breeder was the finest they had collected on this trip. A perfect form, a mind totally yielding to the mental powers that had enabled his species to dominate the tool users of his home world, and he would wager a hundred platinum cubes that he had bred her tonight, and double that she wouldn’t litter less than four. This thought turned Xracl’s mind back to his duties, he couldn't very well wager until he had collected the others from their locations, with any luck they would have a full load, and then they could head for home and begin fully training the breeders to care for their young. He walked back into the cabin and sent telepathic commands to the crew. The disk went dark and rose into the night sky, leaving behind just another missing person statistic.


'White Room'
'Being Human'